Job Lot & Overrun Boxes

Job Lot & Overrun Boxes

What is an Overrun Box?

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Lesco Paper & Box Company has 20,000 square feet dedicated to used job-lots and over-run cartons. These boxes give our customers an opportunity for great cost savings.


These boxes are new boxes supplied by mill over-runs, misprints, and obsolete inventory.


These are once used boxes that are in good condition.


We will buy your obsolete corrugated cartons. If you produce once used boxes from raw materials that you purchase, we will buy these cartons from you as well.

We can offer significantly more money than OCC rates and you can also avoid the time and labor into bailing these boxes. Please call us today to discuss implementing a program at your facility.

Available Overruns

950JL090603-IM9 1/46 1/43 1/2ECT32PK-117
1175JL0906033-IM9 3/46 1/23 5/8ECT32PK-042
11783JL090803-CC98 5/83 1/4125PTD CARRINGTON TEA
2850JL090806-RT98 1/26ECT51DWPLAIN RSC
2500JL090811-RT9811 1/2ECT40PAMPERS SOFT
3945JL090903-AF9 1/293 1/2ECT32PET FOOD
3865JL090912-RT9 5/89 5/812 1/4200TOFU W/HAND HOLES
4725JL090913-RT9 1/29 1/213ECT32MWPTD POTATO CHIPS500
2190JL10060310 3/86 7/83 3/8ECT44M/WHITE
275JL101004-AF10104ECT32BLACK BIRD
2360JL110707-AF1177ECT32GONE NATIVE
500JL110803-CEI11 3/48 3/43 1/4ECT321 DZ ANGELS
1275JL110806-AF11 1/28 1/46ECT32GRAZE
1515JL120605-AF12 1/265 1/2ECT32BOWL 6PK
3175JL120805-AF1285 1/2ECT32SAFFRON
4750JL121210-RT12 1/212 1/89 15/16200TM/W PTD 1/2 GAL/HAND HOLES
2400JL130906-CFC13 1/496ECT32MASTER CARTON
1190JL140903-KM14 1/29 1/23 1/2200THIS SIDE UP
13535JL140904-IN14 3/49 7/84 3/16ECT40M/W PTD 1C-1P400
1500JL141410-CC141410 3/4ECT32PLAIN M/W
3850JL14X18PAD1418 5/8125TCAX0898 * PADS *1500
5845JL150804-IN15 3/48 3/84 5/8ECT32PLAIN
4358JL15105-CC15 3/410 1/26 1/2ECT44GOLDSTAR M/W
6215JL151006-CFC15 3/410 1/26 1/2ECT44M/W PTD JUMBO SHRIMP
2000JL160808-CFC16 1/48 3/48ECT32SIGNATURE MEALS500
14270JL160908-CFC16 1/298ECT32TASTEE CHOICE FOODS500
500JL161004-CC16 3/410 3/44ECT29CHOPPED SPINACH500
6218JL151006-CFC16 3/410 1/26 1/2ECT44JUMBO COOKED SHRIMP500
172JL180609-CFC18 1/29 3/46ECT32MASTER CAST LABELX
3720JL181117-CEI18 1/211 1/217200PTD W/STAPLESX
604JL181217-CEI18 1/212 1/416 3/4200 D/WPTD W/STAPLESX200/SK
150JL181320-PL1813 1/220ECT32CMGX
4160JL19915-CC19 3/4915ECT32PLAIN
0JL1900419 3/4139 - 11 1/2ECT44MIXED SIZES PTDX300
0JL201413-DA2014 3/413ECT48DWDELTA #34X
0JL201415-DA2014 3/415 1/2ECT48DW#35X
0JL23001-AP2315 1/223ECT32TIM PLASTICSX
0JL231522-AP2315 1/222 1/2ECT32BERRY PLASTICSX
0JL231918-CV231918ECT44PAC - PTDX250
0JL231924-CEI23 1/219 1/224ECT32AXIUMX
0JL241524-PL241524ECT32ALPHA PKGX
0JL241918-G241918275TGENPAK 17OZ-4PX150
0JL241919-KM2419 1/219 1/2ECT44TRI DELTA
274JL242025-US23 3/419 3/425ECT32EASYX
2400JL242130-US23 3/420 3/430ECT26SHER #5X
31JL270541-KM27 3/45 1/241ECT44SCAN DƒCOR
2650JL281919-IN281919ECT32PLAIN RSC
1134JL332004-RT33204ECT321"GAP TOP & BOTTOM
80JL481435-KM481435275GRANT SINGLE
45JLGL10413940TriplewallGAYLORD CARTONS
** HSC CartonsHalf SlottedCartons -( No flaps)
1240JL151111-F151111200HSC - w/ Die Cut Bottom
4950JL171111-F17 1/211 3/811 1/16200HSC - w/ Die Cut Bottom